When Sermon Study Seems Thin

Luke 21:5-6.  I know what it says.  I know what it means.  I know its significance in the immediate context and the larger context.  I can declare that, but can I preach that?  Is there a sermon in this small text?

Am I alone?  Anyone else agonize for days over the same verses?  Prayerfully, submissively, and with a sense of your own weakness, pouring over a text and asking how to preach it?

I am confident that I am not alone.  This is the preacher’s joy and the preacher’s burden.  The preacher is confident of the sufficiency of Scripture (the faithful preacher) and confident of his own insufficiency.  Where does one turn?

We turn to God.  Read some more, pray some more, meditate some more, Sunday is coming.



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